Somatics develops "interoceptive awareness,” or the capacity to listen to and feel your body to make good choices based on a deeper self-understanding. 


A fabulous way to improve your yoga, other sport or simply enjoy

daily life to its full potential!


Dissipate aches & muscular tension

Enhance muscular rest & responsiveness

Increase flexibility, coordination and balance

Improve posture and freedom of movement

Increase energy, focus and clarity

Develop body awareness & mindfulness

Nurture & Soothe Body and Mind

Breathe, Move & Sleep better

Improve your mood & your overall well-being

Feel healthier, calmer, happier!


It can complement your other sport practices and enhance your health. It will assist you to release tension, promote flexibility and strength for a better performance.


As a culture, a lot of us are feeling the effects of chronic stress due to a fast pace of life. Switching off is becoming tricky as we constantly are in the fight and flight mode with our endless “To do lists”. Somatics helps us to slow right down, switch off and press the reset button.


Most pain, tightness and structural imbalances in our bodies occurs because of past injuries, surgery, poor posture or habitual patterns in our everyday lives. Somatics helps rebalance the whole body freeing it from chronic tension

It can help with a variety of conditions such as back pain, neck & shoulders tension, knee and hip issues, sciatica, scoliosis, old injuries deep emotional traumas and much more.


By sensing and moving using simple, gentle exercises, we can rediscover ease of movement,

resetting muscle length, function and control.


“I so enjoyed my session with Isabelle and came away feeling both SO relaxed and energised. I find the mixture of breathing exercises and gentle movement very powerful with benefits that last for a few days. The exercises we did last time really helped me release muscular tension in the neck and shoulders that would normally lead to migraines. Isabelle is very gentle and always takes time to make sure we do the movement correctly. I am so pleased that I found out about somatics and cannot wait for the next session.

“We can only change what we feel” We move slowly and mindfully turning our senses inward to connect to ourselves to feel what is happening in the body. We can then re-educate the body to move in the correct and most efficient way to experience ease and freedom. It becomes like a slow-moving meditative practice whereby the body and mind become one. It is the most powerful and wonderful experience leading you to a state of expansion and inner peace.


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"You cannot change what you cannot feel""

“Soma” means “living body”. With somatic movement education, you can regain freedom and ease of movement. Originated in Feldenkreis, Somatics allows us to change physical habitual patterns via sensory-motor control education. There is a profound invitation to relax, befriend ourselves, attune to the breath, explore how we relate to the ground and the subtle relationships between different parts of the body. We learn to become quieter, mindful, and work at a deeper level to release tension, calm the nervous system and create more space in body & mind. We become attentive to our inner world of sensations, tuning in, to connect to ourselves in order to be able to correct and realign ourselves. Using our muscle memory and our ability to feel and sense, we can start to make changes. 

Reset, Reboot, Restore.


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"How we feel directly affects our wellbeing & our mood”

According to the founder Thomas Hanna, many of the effects of aging -- aching muscles and joints, stooped posture, stiffness and weakness -- are unnecessary and reversible using conscious awareness, we can learn to relax and undo bad habits to feel at ease and free within our body and mind. Several reflex responses can become locked into the human body under conditions of daily life stress creating tension, imbalances, pain, discomfort over the years, our bodies naturally contract and tense up and in a fight or flight response.


Somatics teaches us to take notice, release, and repattern. These problems are not due to structural weaknesses in the body but to sensory-motor amnesia which can be corrected. The practice is mostly floor based postures. This helps us to reduce the stress and noise in our nervous system. inducing a state of relaxation whilst lengthening tight muscles in a subtle luxurious way – think like a cat stretch !


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"The secrets to a healthier, happier, younger you!"

You can create new healthier patterns for your body. You teach your brain how to mend your body. You get back in control and transform areas where stress and tension were stuck –due to injury, trauma or everyday life... You facilitate ease and freedom of movement. By establishing conscious awareness, you learn to relax muscle groups which have been "permanently" contracted for years. This is so empowering as you are in charge and can apply what you have learnt at home in your own time.  You regain control of your muscles, improve your breathing, posture, performance and your overall wellbeing. 


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"Become the best version of yourself!"

Hannah Somatics helps to release stored tension or emotions. People usually feel very relaxed during the practice.  Expect slow gentle movements recreating space in the body and inducing deep relaxation of the nervous system. This is deeply restorative.


During the practice, we work slowly and mindfully. You work at your own pace. As you release tension, it is possible to experience different states such as boredom, happiness, fear, sadness, anxiety or just a sense of release and deep relaxation. As emotional beings, much of the emotion from our experiences is stored within the body. We may feel those as pain or blockages like knots in our shoulders, tight hips, sore necks... Somatics helps release any stored emotions to keep the body healthy, light and balanced so you can move freely, pain-free and joyfully.



"Pure Joy, Move with ease & freedom!"

Private tuitions or group class available