I am Isabelle, a Yoga Academy certified teacher (British Wheel of Yoga and Yoga Alliance accredited) and a Somatics Exercise Coach (SEC). I am passionate about health and wellbeing. I help my clients to find balance, strength, 

ease of movement and peace of mind for a happier life. 

Yoga & Somatics are a wonderful way to re-balance, re-energise physically, mentally and emotionally. They are like 2 peas in a pod. This is a holistic practice for body, mind and soul and is the best way to nourish and nurture yourself. It will take you on an amazing journey!

Somatics releases tension from within melting all physical and mental stresses away. A transformative experience.  It increases mobility and balance, leaving you feeling more spacious, aligned, relaxed, with renewed energy and sustained feelings of wellbeing.

Yoga is about you finding your centre, your inner power, resilience and strength which will sustain you through life’s ups and downs. Both yoga and Somatics will offer you a sense of connection, inner peace, ease and freedom. Perfect combination !

yoga instructor

I teach online as well as in and around Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England.  I am available for corporate and group classes, workshops, events, retreats and private tuition.

During Covid-19, in the absence of access to a physiotherapist, I recently helped online one of my clients to ease his sciatica with a combination of yoga and Somatics. He was pain free within a week. Another client was amazed at how she found ease in her back. Others find that it helps them to develop an inner and outer strength, stay flexible or they simply love the fact they can have some “Me” time, unwind, relax and sleep better.

You can choose from a range of classes including online sessions: Beginners Yoga, Non Beginners Yoga, Dynamic Yoga, Meditation, Somatics or Relaxation.


Everyone is welcome! 

  • A fusion of Hatha Yoga & Somatics

  • Moving intelligently in a mindful manner

  • Safety first: Using the right equipment including props

  •  A warm-up before the peak poses, alignment & modifications on offer

  • A relaxed & friendly atmosphere.

  • Different weekly themes including breath work, asana (poses) and relaxation

  • Working at your own pace

What will you find in my yoga class?

yoga class

I encourage you to listen to your own body and to connect to yourself to embody each pose in the best possible way. Whilst we build strength, balance and mobility, we focus on developing body awareness by bringing mindfulness in our practice.

I look forward to welcoming you in class!