For your comfort and safety, ensure you have a good quality Yoga Mat. This needs to be a 'sticky' mat, 5mm thick, i.e. a mat where you have good grip and don't slide. Cheaper mats tend to be slippery and thin and therefore a bit unsafe and often not as comfortable. If unsure, please feel free to contact me for advice.


I would recommend you have props (Blankets, yoga belt, blocks…) to support your practice. Available online.


As your body cools down when relaxed, it is great to have a blanket to cover yourself with for the relaxation. You may also need it during your practice.


Always bring two yoga blocks to yoga class (if you have them). They are invaluable and will support your practice. Available online.


Please wear comfortable, stretchy clothing. Preferably fairly tight fitting. Leggings and top are fine. It helps to see how your body is moving and if you are doing the postures/exercises correctly. Baggy tops tend to be uncomfortable in inverted positions. 


Yoga is performed barefoot on the mat, sitting, standing or lying. Socks can be worn during relaxation.


Please no alcohol and no food at least two hours before class. If you have to eat something then have some fruit, a smoothie, a snack or a small salad. If you eat a large meal just before class, you may be extremely uncomfortable and feel sick during your practice. Please feel free to bring some water with you.


Arrive early: About ten minutes before your yoga class to settle & get a spot where you feel most comfortable. After you arrive: Take off your shoes, socks and switch your phone off. Enjoy your time on the mat.


Before class starts, introduce yourself to the teacher if you are new. Tell your teacher if you have any injuries, especially a recent one, so you can be offered modifications if need be.


Never hold your breath or force your breathing. New students tend to hold on to their breath during yoga poses they find challenging. Breathing is key. We connect breath with movement. Breathe deeply can help you relax or energise. If you breathe deeply and smoothly in a rhythmic manner you will get a lot more out of the class. 


Develop an awareness of your body so that you know when a posture or exercise is pushing you too far or is not for you. Learn to read the signs of your body and respect them.


Most yoga classes end in relaxation with "Savasana". This moment of stillness is deeply beneficial and allows you to absorb all the goodness from your practice. In this pose, you lie flat on your back, eyes closed and relax. If you need to leave earlier, please do so quietly beforehand and inform your teacher at the beginning of class. 


Listen carefully to the instructions to get the most out of the postures and exercises. Don't rush the movements. Take your time. Leave the stress behind and be fully present in each moment.


The class is for YOU - your health and well-being.  Please don't compare yourself to other people in the class or allow your mind to take over. Switch off, enjoy the class and focus on yourself.

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