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Our classes usually begin with a short period of stillness to allow students to arrive on their mat, preparing mind, breath and body for the practice to follow. Students are then guided through breath exercises and a series of movements designed to limber the body, warm up muscles and joints in preparation for asana (posture) work.  


Asanas (yoga postures) strengthen and tone the body, improving the flow of energy, helping to regulate the physical systems of the body and breath, whilst stilling the mind. The asanas used in a class vary depending on the weekly theme of the class. Poses can be modified to suit individual ability, so it is important you inform me before class of any health issues. The objective is not how far you can stretch or contort your body, but to combine stability (sthira) with ease (sukha).


Prana means ‘vital’ or 'life force energy'. Improving the quality of the breath not only increases vitality but also improves digestion, sleep, tones the nervous system resulting in a calm and focussed mind. Yoga means union and the breath is the bridge to connect body with mind. You will learn different breathing techniques & how to use your breath in poses to strengthen and improve your practice. This breath practice 'pranayama' helps control and move prana (energy).


We always finish the class with a period of slowing down & relaxation. A balance between doing and non-doing is key.


Each class has a different theme and focus, such as the breath, different anatomical parts of the body, strength, flexibility, mobility, mindfulness including more philosophical aspects of yoga. The general aim is for you to feel energised, yet relaxed and restored after each session. It offers you the tools so you can practice at home and carry on feeling the benefits in your mind, body and spirit giving you a sense of overall well-being to enjoy everyday life.