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“Words on Balance, Strength, Flexibility”

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When yogis talk hips, it is generally about opening them. However, your hips CAN be too open... Balancing strength and flexibility in the hips area is so important. Awaken those core and hip muscles; they will love you for it.

Those last few weeks, we have been focusing on pelvis, hips and legs in our yoga practice. They all connect and work together as one supporting your spine, your posture and your wellbeing. Too much sitting affects hips, legs, lower back creating imbalances and weak muscles. No wonder people suffer from back issues. We have worked on opening and releasing hips, hamstrings, lower back by recreating space to bring back alignment. We have also worked on strengthening by consciously connecting and engaging our leg muscles and glutes rather than simply relying on our joints to stand in the yoga pose. When you engage your muscles, you create stability.

As my students would tell you, “Woah, this is strong work !” You really feel so much more connected and stronger in your body and mind. In fact, you simply feel a lot more grounded. We use props like chairs, belts, blocks to help us really engage and align. At the end of the practice, you walk like a different person as you have simply transformed your body. When you change your body and your posture, you also change your mindset. As you become aligned and connected, you feel grounded yet light and powerful. You become clear, calm and focussed.

Position of the pelvis is key to good posture and good alignment. It is the connection between our upper and lower body, spine and legs. It bears weight and offers support for our spine and upper body. It allows us to stand, walk and run. With or without ease, that is the question ?

If misaligned, it can create back and hip issues along with aches and pain. Our breathing and muscles of the spine, abdomen, pelvic floor, lower/upper limbs can affect the pelvis. Tight hip flexors or a tight lower back can create an anterior tilt of the pelvis probably leading to misalignment, lumbar compression, disc degeneration, sciatica issues and fatigue due to the kidneys and adrenals being compressed in the long term. It will not only affect your spine but also your legs and the way we walk adding extra stress on the joints. A posterior tilt or elevation of the pelvis on one side due to scoliosis or other also has negative impacts.

The pelvis is also 2 parts like big elephant ears (the Ilium) joined in the middle at the pubic symphysis and sacrum, so there is supposed to be some movement when we walk etc. Think walking like a Caribbean lady with a beautiful swing in your hips ! You should feel free and light. Finding good neutral alignment of the pelvis is key to find lightness and keep everything happy in your body the way it should be. Along with core strength, yoga somatics helps to release, rebalance and recreate space to move with ease and freedom. I love mixing somatics with yoga.

Some of my client’s feedback: “I feel grounded and light. I feel so relaxed yet energised. I can feel my hips moving in balance and my whole lower back free. I now walk like a different woman….”

Your 1st group class is free. I offer various classes online such as beginner’s yoga, non-beginners yoga, dynamic morning yoga, meditation, Somatics or relaxation. Yoga online via Zoom available. Classes Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays. To book, Pls email to receive your Zoom link 24hrs prior to class.

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