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Do you feel busy, stressed, overwhelmed, pulled in all directions ? Or maybe just anxious, undecisive and fearful ? Do you suffer from digestive complaints, high blood pressure, heart issue, anxiety, depression, inflammatory condition? Would you like to rebalance, relax and soothe body & mind ? How important is the vagus nerve for your health ? Would you like to learn simple techniques from your own home on how to restore balance, calm and inner peace ?

When we worry, stress or feel anxious and I do too at times because we are all humans, this has a detrimental effect on our physical and mental health. Our breath becomes shallow, our muscles contract as we become tense, our mind become agitated. Our blood pressure goes up; our mood, digestion, hormones and our sleep become disrupted too. Our immune system becomes compromised and so on…. Before we know it, we are caught in a spiral and become stuck. We lose calm and focus and start to feel panicky and anxious, even uncertain and perhaps fearful. In today’s current world, we need more than ever to learn to find our anchor in the storm of life.

What is the Vagus nerve ? Why is it so important to you ? Why does your health depends on it ?

A higher vagal tone increases your health & happiness. Playing a fundamental role in our overall health and parasympathetic nervous system, the so-called “wandering nerve” is responsible for our rest and digest capacities to calm and soothe when under pressure dealing with life's multi-demands. It is deeply embedded in our autonomic nervous system and is one of the longest nerve. It is so vital as it has direct links to our brain, heart, lungs, gut and all of our organs.

Why your health depends on it ? Learn with me how you can influence your Vagus nerve to:

Calm your body & nervous system

Assist your body to heal and rebalance

Lower heart rate & blood pressure

Improve sleep, concentration & digestion

Reduce anxiety & inflammation

Harmonise the systems of the body

Learn some simple breathing technique & exercises to access the Vagus to help you unwind, let go to soothe body & mind. Relax & Restore.

Did you know how stress affects you ?

Stress produces adrenaline & cortisol which for a short term is good. Long term, it starts to lead to unbalance & dis-ease in the body. Many of us become addicted to being in the “doing” fight & flight mode. We desperately need to balance this out with “non-doing” reconnecting to ourselves to restore balance, ease and improve health, happiness and performance in our daily life.

I would love to share with you some of the techniques I have learnt. I am holding a 2hr live zoom workshop on Sunday 27th Sept. 10-12 (GMT) to introduce you to a way to de-stress body & mind, release tension from within to find peace and quiet. This workshop includes a short presentation & a physical practice. All you need is a mat, blanket and cushion in a comfortable quiet space in your home.

It is particularly relevant to attend this workshop now, at a time when the calming and soothing effects of the breath, yoga & somatics are more in demand than ever. Self-care, love and compassion start right here before you can spread it around you to your loved ones and beyond.

Pls visit my website for further details and testimonials on Somatics

Pls feel free to email for enquiries and bookings. Cost: £25

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Updated: Sep 1, 2020

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Summer is over. Change of season, change of rhythm in your schedule with work and family life?

Perhaps moving house? Kids back to school? Any other changes in your life?

And then the effects of COVID-19 on our daily lives? How has it affected you? Feeling unsettled, fearful, stressed or anxious? No time to catch your breath?

With so much uncertainty, yoga can help. Find grounding, balance, stability physically and mentally. Unite body & mind. Create space and open up. Stay in your own centre. Stay anchored in the midst of your busy life. Breathe, calm your mind and find peace in your heart.

Online Yoga & Somatics week starting 1st September. Please check my website for full schedule.

Contact me for bookings. 1st class free for new clients!

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Updated: Jul 11, 2020

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Do you ever wonder why so many people are doing yoga these days ? Is it just to look good and show off fancy acrobatic poses as often portrayed in social media or so many magazines ? For some perhaps although that is not what yoga is really all about.

Initially, we may focus on the physical and mental benefits: strength, flexibility, balance, breathing, inner peace and a general sense of feeling good! The practice also teaches us to develop body awareness, mindfulness, calm, focus, concentration, stability, patience, perseverance, a sense of discipline, acceptance and ease with ourselves. These qualities we cultivate and practice on our mat are invaluable as we slowly start to apply them into our daily lives.

A regular practice will carry this state of being with us when we leave class, so it will have an impact on our own life and people around us spreading radiance, calm and positivity. It is subtle. The reason so many of us come back time after time to the mat is because it works at a deeper level. We may not see it immediately, yet we can sense it. It transforms us. It helps us restore ourselves.

Yoga is an all-natural happiness booster – you may notice that if you are feeling down, nothing helps more than a great yoga class – and happiness is actually a proven immune-booster too.

How we practice yoga matters. Perhaps you are more inclined towards a strong practice or a soft gentle one. Balance is key. Nature is a great teacher of yin and yang. As there is rain and sunshine, day and night, the moon and the sun, winter and summer, we too need to find balance in ourselves.

Changing our habits – even when our bodies are asking us to- can be challenging. The mind says: “I like it strong” or “I like it slow and gentle” but what does our body say ? To make the most of our energy, we can enhance our health and well-being with the right yoga practice for us at that time. Our body is always talking to us. We just need to tune in and listen to what it is trying to tell us.

By becoming aware of our energy levels and really acknowledging what we need in that moment, we can take action to ensure we feel at our very best. By becoming aware of how our bodies and minds respond to certain situations, we can begin to cultivate a life that serves us.

For me, yoga is about “undoing” going back to our natural state, restoring our free flow of vital energy and balance which brings us a sense of wellbeing. It is a form of healing, resetting ourselves physically and emotionally, thus restoring harmony.

Yoga means union, when body & mind become “one”, feeling whole and connected: to ourselves and the world around us. It brings us back home feeling grounded, nurtured and at peace.

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"I help my clients to find balance, strength, ease of movement and

peace of mind for a happier life"

Isabelle Leroy, founder of Yoga with Belle